Utgitt September 1997 (GTHCD/GTHMC 5003)

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That's All Right (Arthur Crudup) L Warner Chappel Scand. AB 2:15
Good Luck Charm (Shroeder/Gold) L PEER Music AB 2:39
(Let Me Be Your)Teddy Bear (Mann/Lowe) L PEER Music AB 1:48
Heartbreak Hotel (Durdon/Axton) L EMI Music Publ. AB 2:14
Blue Moon of Kentucky (Monroe) L PEER Music AB 2:14
(Now And Then There's)A Fool Such As I (Trader) L Norsk Musikkforlag 2:46
Baby, Let's Play House (Gunter) L Sonet Music AB/Peer Music AB  2:17
I Want You, I Need You (Hynsle/Kosloff) L PEER Music AB 2:36
Got A Lot OF Livin' To Do (Schroeder/Weisman) L PEER Music AB 2:26
As Long As I Have You (Wise/Weisman) L PEER Music AB 1:51
A Big Hunk O' Love (Schroeder/Wyche) L PEER Music AB 2:13
Fame And Fortune (Wise/Weisman) L PEER Music AB 2:31
I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone (Kesler/Taylor) L Warner Chappell Scand. AB 2:35
Don't Be Cruel (Blackwell) L PEER Music AB 2:09
Mystery Train (Parker/Phillips) L Warner Chappell Scand. AB 2:35
It's So Strange (Young) L Elvis Presley Music Inc./
Johnny Bienstock music BMI

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