1960 THE BEATNIKS 2000


Utgitt September 2000 (GTHCD 5006/7)

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CD  1
LULLABY OF THE LEAVES (Young/Petkere) L Copyright Control 2:00
FLICKORNA I SMÅLAND (Williams) L Norsk Musikforlag 2:19
STUMBELING GUITARS (Finjarn/Jordbrånen) L Norwegian Songs 2:18
JOHAN PÅ SNIPPEN (Wahlberg) L Copyright Control 1:59
MARS ONE (Rossner) L Arne Bendiksen Music 2:01
UNDER PARIS' HIMMEL (Gyraud) L Copyright Control 3:08
DON'T GO AWAY FROM ME (Finjarn) L Norwegian Songs 2:19
IN A PERSIAN MARKET (Ketelbey) L Copyright Control 3:57
TURKISH SALAD (Andrews) L Copyright Control 2:03
ISTANBUL (Simon) L Copyright Control 2:34
SABRE DANCE (Khatchaturian) L Norwegian Songs 2:47
THE SONG FROM MOULIN ROUGE (Auric/Engvick) L Copyright Control 1:51
SAY YOU'RE MINE (Meehan/Rodgers) L Copyright Control 2:16
PHANTOM GUITAR (de Schroeder/Lenrow) L Thames Music 2:51
MONSTER BEAT (Finjarn/Andersen) L Norwegian Songs 2:42
WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO THE RAIN (Reynolds) L Copyright Control 2:40
HONEY DON'T (Perkins) L Carlin Music Corp. 2:42
A ONE WAY LOVE (Finjarn) L Norwegian Songs 1:49
YOU CAN NEVER STOP ME LOVING YOU (Samwell/Lynch) L Lyches Musikkforlag 2:15
PLEASE DON'T ASK ABOUT BARBARA (Buchanan/Keller) L Screen Gems/EMI Music Ltd. 2:46
SOMETHING ON MY MIND (Andrews) L Negus-Fancey Company 2:30
LOVE IS A BEAUTIFUL THING (Gundersen) L Arne Bendiksen Music 2:05
STREET OF MISERY (Gundersen/Dailey) L Copyright Control 2:49
AM I LOSING YOUR LOVE (Finjarn/Dailey) L Norwegian Songs 2:28
I'M NOT SORRY (Finjarn/Asperud) L Norwegian Songs 2:51
I'VE NEVER LET YOU DOWN (Finjarn) L Norwegian Songs 2:35
THE LOVE SOUND (Finjarn) L Norwegian Songs 2:22
LEAVE ME GIRL (Gundersen) L Copyright Control 2:30
PLEASE STAY (Finjarn) L Norwegian Songs 2:36
TO LOVE SOMEBODY (Gibb/Gibb) L Gibb Brothers Music/BMG Music Publishing 3:36
CD  2
SILLY PETE (Løseth) L Copyright Control 2:57
GOOD DAY JAQUELINE (Syvertsen/Løseth) L Copyright Control 1:59
GOOD TIMES (Vanda/Young) L Copyright Control 2:52
I FEEL GOOD (Neville) L Copyright Control 3:17
BABY PLEASE DON'T GO (Williams) L Leeds Music 2:42
STOREBROR SER DEG (Hammond/Hazlewood) L Copyright Control 3:26
RUNAWAY (Shannon/Crook) L Tangerine Music 2:49
RIDERS OF THE RANGE (Jenner) L Copyright Control 3:13
(YOU AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT)FINE FINE FINE (Soileau/SImiens) L Copyright Control 2:35
MARIE CELESTE (Jenner) L Copyright Control 2:40
THE LETTER (Carson) L B. Feldman & Co. Ltd. 2:45
IMAGINE / WOMAN (Lennon) L Northern Songs 3:12
FIND ME A GOLDEN STREET (Petty) L Edition Wilhelm Hansen 2:44
I COULD EASILY FALL(IN LOVE WITH YOU) (Marvin/Bennett/Welch/Rostill) L Shadows Music - Mecolico 3:05
YOU MAKE ME CRAZY (Finjarn/Dahle) L Norwegian Songs 3:07
WEAR MY RING AROUND YOUR NECK (Carroll/Moody) L Carling Music Corp. 2:10
MATCHBOX (Perkins) L Carling Music Corp. 4:24
LAWDY MISS CLAWDY (Price) L Carling Music Corp. 2:07
TEENAGE DREAM (Finjarn/Sareussen) L Norwegian Songs 4:09
TRYING TO GET TO YOU (Singleton/McCoy) L Carling Music Corp. 2:30
CRY (Kohlmann) L Wilhelm Hansen/Norsk Musikforlag 4:24
(MARIE'S THE NAME)HIS LATEST FLAME (Pomus/Shuman) L Rush Music 2:04
LITTLE THINGS (Kennerley/Stuart) L Warner Bros. Music 3:03
RAGS TO RICHES (Alter/Ross) L Frank Music 2:03
WALLOP (Bennett/Hawkshaw) L Honeymill Music Ltd. 3:23
(P) & (C) 2000 for Hell's Bells Records
 Produsent for denne samlingen: Thor-Rune Haugen
Mastering: Morten Lund og Ola Johansen, Masterhuset AS, Oslo
Omslagsdesign: RBG
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