Til Tylden & Co.s åpningsside. Morten Vestly
Hometown Heroes
Forstørr cover.
  Utgis mars 2004 (GTACD 8224)  
01. HOMETOWN HEROES (David Mallett) 4:15
02. CRAZY (Pat Green) 5:38
03. WHY YOU BEEN GONE SO LONG (Mickey Newbury) 3:09
04. HEY BABY (Morten Vestly) 3:08
05. NASHVILLE BLUES (Cory Morrow) 3:51
06. LONESOME SOUL (Morten Vestly) 4:32
07. NAGGED TO DEATH (Will Ray) 3:14
08. 8 SECOND HERO (Morten Vestly) 4:01
09. OLD PIPELINER (Ray King/Tommy Hill) 3:11
10. BAD LUCK (Morten Vestly) 2:04
11. ARLENE (Curtis Allen) 3:13
12. YOU GOTTA KNOW (Pat Green) 5:22

Produced by Jonny Minge at Hit Shack Studio, South Austin, TX. 78704

Engineer: Jay Hudson
Arrangements by: Jonny Minge, with help from Jay Hudson & Lars Albrecht
Mixed by: Jay Hudson & Jonny Minge
Mastering: Jim Wilson at Yes Mastering, 1501 W.5th, Suite 103, Austin Texas
Coverfoto: Raymond Mosken
Layout: Morten Pisani, olahill design

Norwegian Songs (4,6,8,10)
David Mallett Music/Marty Stuart Music (1)
Greenhouse Music (2,12)
Acuff-Rose (3)
Morrow Music (5)
Ghost Ranch Music/Big Music (7)
Fort Knox Music Co. (9)
Fruit Music (11)

Morten Vestly: Vocals
Lars Albrecht: Electric Guitar, Barytone Guitar
Rich Brotherton: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Marty Muse: Pedal Steel, Guitar, Dobro
Earl Poole Ball: Piano, Organ, B3
Eamon McCloughlin: Fiddle
Vance Hazen: Bass
Timmy Campbell: Drums
Freddie Krc: Drums
Ted Roddy: Harmonica
Debra Peters: Accordion
Dave Herrero: Electric Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Teri Coté: Vocals, Harmony Vocals
Dee Lannon: Vocals, Harmony Vocals
Jonny Minge: Gang Vocals
Thor Arne Vestly: Gang Vocals

(P) & © 2004 Tylden & Co.

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