Til Tylden & Co.s åpningsside. FRED NØDDELUND
Forstørr cover.
  Release august 2005 (GTACD 8270)  
1. Movement: The Sea (Fred Nøddelund) 6:22
2. Movement: The river from the east (Fred Nøddelund) 6:01
3. Movement: A prayer for knowledge (Fred Nøddelund) 7:38
4. Movement: The river from the west (Fred Nøddelund) 5:15
5. Movement: The sand took it all (Fred Nøddelund) 6:22
6. Movement: In memory of a proud sea (Fred Nøddelund) 6:22

Pre-production work at Allegro Studio with Pete Knutsen.
Stringsection from Latvian National Symphony Orchestra was
recorded in Riga and conducted by Terje Mikkelsen.
Additional recording and mixing at Rainbow Studio, Oslo
by Jan Erik Kongshaug, Pete Knutsen and Fred Nøddelund.

This record is produced by Fred Nøddelund for Tylden & Co. AS

You can read even more about this project here.

(P) & (C) 2005 Tylden & Co. AS

Til toppen av siden.